Vision Statement

It is the vision of Excel Church: (i) to go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere (Mark 16:15); (ii) to serve the needs of the hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked, sick and imprisoned (Matthew 25:35-36); and (iii) to lead God’s flock to safety. (Jeremiah 23:2).



A.        To disseminate the Gospel of Jesus Christ

1.         Media

  • To establish and maintain television networks that will produce and distribute television programs, as well as to sell, record and reproduce video and television programs;

  • To establish and maintain radio stations that will produce and distribute radio programs, as well as to sell, record and reproduce audio and radio programs; and

  • To establish and maintain publications that will print, publish and distribute books, magazines and other literature, as well as bookstores to sell publications and other media.

2.         Community Outreach

  • To acquire and operate aircraft that will serve as transportation;

  • To acquire and evangelize through businesses, including shopping malls, law firms, financial institutions, and cemeteries;

  • To evangelize through ministries for various sectors of society, including those with addictions, widows, fatherless, singles, and married couples.

3.         Edification

  • To establish and maintain centers for learning, including: ministry development centers, which shall offer training to men and women in ministry; business development centers and incubators, which shall offer vocational training and financial counseling; and, youth development centers, which shall offer college preparatory courses, etiquette training and information on abstinence.

  • To establish and maintain day care centers and nursery schools, which shall receive both charity and paying students.

  • To establish and maintain educational institutions, including private Christian elementary and/or secondary schools (academies), which shall receive both charity and paying students.

  • To establish and maintain colleges of higher education and training, including Christian colleges and theological colleges (seminaries), which shall grant appropriate degrees and provide for proper regulation and control of its students, which shall be both charity and paying students possessing the requisite literary, moral, and other qualifications, irrespective of their particular denomination or religious profession.

B.        To meet both the natural and spiritual needs of the underprivileged

1.         Hungry and Thirsty

  • To establish and maintain grocery stores and food distribution centers that will feed and supply those that hunger and thirst.

2.         Homeless and Naked

  • To establish and maintain properties (shelters) and clothing distribution centers that will house and clothe those that are homeless and naked.

3.         Sick

  • To establish and maintain counseling services, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, retirement homes and assisted living facilities that will heal and treat those that are troubled, ill and aged.

4.         Imprisoned

  • To establish and maintain quasi-judicial court systems and alternative dispute resolution systems to address rehabilitative and corrective needs in pursuit of justice.

5.         Vulnerable

  • To carry on charitable work for the poor and lost, as well as orphans and widows.

C.        To usher God’s children into His presence and His Kingdom

  • ​​To foster meaningful relationships with God through shut-ins, retreats (convents), worship services, testimony services, and fellowship with other believers.

  • ​To foster deeper understanding of God through preaching and teaching, exhortation and correction, and righteous living as led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 


 Preparing the people of God to excel!