Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have decided to join us, you may have a few practical questions before you head our way. We've answered the most common questions here.
Were you formerly known as Word of Righteousness Church?
Originally, we were founded as Word of Righteousness Family Life Center. We later became known as Word of Righteousness Church. As of February 1, 2015, we are Excel Church.
Why did you change your name?
Through the course of interaction with His people, God occasionally changed someone's name. It was generally done to establish a new identity that God wished them to embody. After eight years of existence, God established a 'new beginning' for our church. Our name was changed to embody the expanded mission of our church, as revealed by God.
How should I dress for Sunday Worship Service?
However you prefer, actually. There will be some in their Sunday best, and others in their scrubs before heading to work. At Excel Church, it's not about the outward appearance. You will feel comfortable in whatever type of attire you choose to wear.
How long is the Sunday Worship Service?
That actually depends. Our services are typically an hour or so. Yet, we pride ourselves on allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in all things, even the order of service.
Is there transportation available to Sunday Worship Service?
Not at this time. We recommend carpooling with those you may know who also attend services.
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Contact us using the link below.
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